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Training on Microcontroller Software / Hardware Design
SIXSENSE Provides hands on experience and Practical knowledge based on theory that every engineering student study at their college, every professionals uses at their work place. We provide knowledge related to practical use of Microcontrollers and hardware design in industries which can enhance the knowledge of individuals..

Our Hardcore Training involves following :

Week 1:
  • Basics of Hardware components and design consideration
  • Week 2:
  • Choice of microcontroller and introduction
  • Microcontroller architecture and basics of programming concept
  • Week 3:
  • Software Integrated development environment and Debugging
  • Flow of Programming and tips of bug free software
  • Uses and importance of interrupt programming
  • Week 4:
  • Prototype design of microcontroller based hardware
  • Downloading programs into your prototype hardware
  • Software testing via IDE or similar tools.
  • Small Live projects for practice purpose.
  • Training on PCB design and CAM Creation

    Training on Microcontroller Software / Hardware Design

  • Any can become freelancer to work as a PCB designer where professional are limited.
  • Industries welcome you for your knowledge.
  • U can earn your salary on your knowledge.
  • Live projects will be given to student from industries or SIXSENSE.
  • Very useful for Engineering student to go for projects .

  • Course content involves following schedule
    Week 1: Introduction of PCB design & Construction of pcb ( 5hrs)
    Week 2: Library design & schematic design (5hrs)
    Week 3 & 4 : Layout design (10hrs)
    Week 5: Sample live projects (practice purpose)

    Training on Data acquisition Programming / Concept

    Data acquisition or real time data capturing is very essential part of todays real time world where each and every parameters of real time data are important to each and every organization . It has become mandatory from quality control certified company like ISO to record each and every process parameters on computer where chances of tampering the data becomes void.

    We provide training on writing the interfacing custom made software to real time microcontroller based hardware Program using VB or DOT NET technology. SIXSENSE has been tied up with experience faculty and trainer from IIT and other Professional from industries.

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