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SIXSENSE is specialized in manufacturing “ MOLTEN METAL TEMPERATURE INDICATOR “ used in Steel Plant , foundries etc. We are having a genuine and field proven product Model name “SENSE-1800” along with “ SRD-1800” (SIXSENSE JUMBO DISPLAY) for these industries, to measure the temperature of Ferrus and Nonferrus Molten metal . We also supply state of art technology Disposable Tipps and multidipp dipp of various sizes and various MARKS .

Our product range includes Temperature controller (PID and ON-OFF), Temperature Indicator, Process Indicator, Temperature- Humidity Transmitter ,Temperature Humidity Controller , Scanner ,Datalogger, RS 232 to RS 485 Converter (isolated & Nonisolated) etc. Various Application related to these products are Pharma Industry using stability chamber, walk in chamber , BOD incubator, and Plastic ,Diamond, Jewellery ,Chemical industries etc . Other area of uses are the Steel Plant, Heat treatment industry, Glass Industry, Furnace and Oven Industry. Temperature -Humidity transmitters which are widely used in Cold Storage room ,Green house, Banking server room , Hospitals (O.T) etc. Company is also engaged in making various kind of SCADA software(custom made) to monitor and log the data in graphical and report form.

Molten Metal Temperature Indicators / System
SIXSENSE offers complete system for steel plants and foundries to measure molten metal temperature . As measurement cycle is very small it is highly accurate and gives all information in audio - visual form .

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Process Indicator / Transmitter

SIXSENSE offers Process Indicator / transmitters in 3 different varieties.

  1. Process Indicator in 2 inch Display
  2. Process indicator in 4 inch Display
  3. Process indicator / Transmitter

Transmitted output (4-20)mA in the form of isolated and non isolated will be available.

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PID Temperature controller / On-Off Controller

SIXSENSE offers new model of PID / ONOFF controller with field proven PID algorithm. PID controllers are mainly used for precise process control.
We have again 3 different varieties of ON - OFF / PID controller.

  1. PID 9696(U)
  2. PID 9696(F)
  3. SRD 1800

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Temperature Humidity controller / On-Off Controller

SIXSENSE Offers new model of Temperature Humidity controller (CL) and Alarm model(AL) which is widely used in HVAC , stability chamber, cold stortage , Green House and various areas.

  1. TRH9696 (AL)
  2. TRH9696 (CL)
These models accept (0-1)V input or (4- 20)mA input from Hygroclip sensor.

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Disposable Thermocouple TIPPS and Accessories

SIXSENSE Offers Various types of Disposable Thermocouple TIPPS and Spare Parts.
Different Models are :

  1. Mk IV
  2. Mk V
  3. Mk VI
  4. Mk VII
  5. B.M.D

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Thyristor Power Regulator

SIXSENSE Offers Thyristor based power regulator in single phase and three phase in all combination

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Custom Design ,Data Aquisition Software and Other products

SIXSENSE Offers Custom based design to suit industry requirement including hardware , software , data aquisition software , Logic cards.

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