Temperature Humidity Controller / Indicator / Transmitter

Temperature Humidity controller 21 CFR part 11

SIXSENSE Offers new model of Temperature Humidity indicator and controller model TRH9696 which are designed and developed using latest high speed microcontroller for stability chamber , Green house , walk in chamber etc.
Two types of models are there as ALARM model(TRH9696-AL) and Controller model (TRH9696-CL).

Temperature Humidity indicator /Transmitter

SIXSENSE Offers Temperature Humidity Indicator model in various types with Rotronic make sensor. It accepts (0-1)V or (4-20)mA as input from sensor for Temp and Humidity both. temperature range is (- 40 to 60 degC) and Humidity (0-100)%. Transmitter model Gives retransmission output (4-20)mA to give it to recorder. It is available in Floating type sensor model , duct type model and wall mounting type model.

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