Disposable Thermocouple TIPPS and Carbon CUPS

Disposable Thermocouple TIPPS and Carbon CUPS

SIXSENSE Offers variopus types of Expandable/ Disposable thermocouple TIPPS. Different Types of Models are :

  1. Mk III
  2. Mk IV
  3. Mk V
  4. Mk VI
  5. Mk VII
  6. B.M.D Tips
  7. Mk IV with antisplash Coating
All models are manufactured in following Types:-
  1. TYPE R : Pt / Pt 13 % Rh
  2. TYPE S : Pt / Pt 10 % Rh
  3. TYPE B : Pt 6 % Rh / Pt 30 % Rh
Paper tube length 300 mm, 600mm , 900 mm, 1200 mm
SIXSENSE also provide carbon cups with tellurium coating to determine accurate % C and % Si in Gray , ductile and malleable irons..

Spare Parts and Accessories for foundries / steel plants

SIXSENSE Offers all connectors required for various types of model. We also provide perfect lance assembly which meets customer specification.
Very good quality of cables required for connectivity of lance assembly to the temperature measuring instrument like SENSE1800 eg. compensating cable of various types , metal bladed cable for inside lance assembly etc. can be provided by us.
Compensating cable are available in Teflon insulation , fiberglass insulation , PVC / Asbestos , PVC / Rubber insulation.
Mineral Insulated compensating extension cable with copper sheathed for Pt / Pt-Rh thermocouple. These cables are used immersion lance (for Molten metal).

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